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Social Security:- Requirements, Protection, Contact & Lawyers Involved! 

Social security is important for all the citizens of different nations so that the people of the country can have a better life. Social security is like a lifetime membership and achievement. Its benefits do not lose the values because financial adjustments are made now and then. There is an entire process, considerations and legal help involved and this guide will help you understanding SSA with ease. 


How does it work?

In the United States, people pay the social security taxes and it becomes the part of their income in case disability or retirement. These are the benefits which people earn and also deserve while they are working. Therefore, the longer individuals work the more they can earn and get higher SS benefits. The amount of SS retirement advantages is based on factors like 
How much you earned
How much time one has spent in workforce
Age when you will receive benefits

To qualify for the SS benefits, it is important that you have earned 40 social security credits during their job.  After 62 years of age, you will start getting your SS retirement benefits. In case you wait for older ages you are going to get more amounts. In case you qualify for the social security benefits, then even your children who are below 18 and spouse can receive the benefits monthly. It is absolutely a dominant income source for the people after 62 years. They are dependent upon the benefits because it is fifty percent of their income and sometimes even more. According to records, there are more than 50 million people who are getting monthly social security benefits.

Planning SS benefits

Now it is cleared that social security is a huge source of income with disability and retirement. There are several other categories of SS benefits and services.  People can apply in the category to avail the benefits.  When you start planning to receive your SS benefits, then here are few aspects that you need to take care of. 

Amount: You can calculate the benefit amount by comparing the value with the stated amount yearly. You will receive a statement from the social security services.

Timing:  The age is increased and it is 65-67, but the exact age is going to depend upon your actual birth date. 

Work: In case you plan to work more, still individuals can receive benefits. If you are younger than the retirement age, then you can earn and work to a decided limit without the need of reducing the benefit amount.  When you will reach the age of retirement, then the earning limit is dropped. 

What should you be filling for the social security benefits?

SS benefits are available to all those who fill taxes and it is their right to receive the SS benefits.  SS benefits are also available to the citizens before the retirement age, but only if they qualify for the benefits. It is a well-known fact that applying for any type of disability benefit is always a daunting task. It is confusing and evens a complicated thing to go through. This is the reason it is important that you know everything before applying to make things easier. 

There are few things that need consideration before we get started with the applying procedure. The majority of the people fail through the initial application process. Even if the application is not denied due to some reasons you might have to wait pretty long to receive the SS benefits. Before you apply you must keep some vital documents handy so that you can instantly submit an application. Documents required might be 

Social security number
Birth certificate
Name of the landlord or mortgage holder
Bank records
Insurance policies
Burial fund record 
U.S. citizen proof
Loan numbers etc. 

Submit an application online

The internet has made our lives quite convenient and submitting your application online is not much than blinking your eye. You just have to visit the social security administrations website, click on the link and fill the SSI application. The process of filling a form is going to take 10-30 minutes. The more quickly you answer the more time you are going to save.

Social Security offices near me

Those who cannot fill the application online can apply for their SS benefits through social security office.  You will have to make an appointment first to schedule time and date of your appointment. A representative of SSA is going to assist you with the application submission procedure so that you fill all the details properly. 

Apply by phone

SSA also allows the U.S citizens to apply for SS benefits by phone. But also keep in mind that it is the least efficient procedure to file an application. You can also use the assistance of lawyers, expert counsel to get through the process. The charges are quite less and sometimes negligible. There are online firms which are ready to help without charging a penny. 

To obtain the SS benefits you get social security numbers. Even your children get it if you apply for the SS benefits at a hospital at the time of the newborn. It is extremely important to keep this number safe and read on to know why?

Identity theft & SS Number

Your SS number is the personal identification number that United States government provides to receive disability and retirement benefits. If you are doing a job in the US, then it is compulsory that you must have an SS number. Everyone working must pay for the SS system. But the SS number is also used for many other purposes. 
You have to forward it when  you apply for any credit 
For obtaining driving license
To open a bank account 

There are lots of other places where this number is asked, but the question is do they really require your SSN? It is extremely important to keep your SSN secret to yourself or your family because there are notorious identity thieves who can ruin your entire life if they get their hands on it. 

What can you do?

Any commercial firm can ask you about your SS number, but some people demand it from you. You must only provide it with a reliable business or representative. The less you circulate it the safer you are keeping it. 
The welfare department
Motor vehicles department 
Tax department 

These are the few reliable organizations that can demand SSN from you. Places like health clubs, doctor’s clinic or utility companies, might demand it from you, but there is no need to provide them.  You must ask for any alternative identification that might not create any threat to you if its secrecy is compromised. If they are insisting you instantly drop the idea of doing business with them and find the other. It is your right to protect your personal identification. 

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What happens if SSN is stolen?

If anyone steals your SSN he or she can apply for credit in your place.  He can also obtain loans or jobs or might engage any criminal activity using your identification. There is an open field of identity theft with the thief and he or she can use it anywhere. You might also not know anything about it until your credits start getting declining or you get a call from agencies regarding your debts. Your good credits can be ruined, your reputation can be spoiled in your community and you might get broke.

What about child’s SSN?

It is also not safe to disclose your children SSN.  In fact thieves targets and desire to have child’s social security number.  He can use the SSN of a child for decades. Make sure that you keep checking for the credit report in the name of your child’s SSN from time t time. Your SSN is the most important identity and you must protect it as much as you can.  
Note: - In case of frauds you must instantly call the police and report a fraud. 

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How to replace lost SSN?

Now you know the importance of the safety of your SSN, but what if you accidentally lose it? The good news is that you can get a replacement for your SSN. Here how it is done
Visit the website of the  SSA
Download SS-5 form
Fill the form and follow the instructions
Go to the nearest SS office and submit the form 
Take the citizenship identity proof along with you ( license, passport, birth certificate)

In case you do not have any of these, then you can also use 

Health insurance card 
School ID
Military ID

Make sure that your identity card is having a photograph of yours on it and should be a valid card. Once you submit all the requirements you are issued with a new social security number. It is going to take few weeks, but you are surely going to receive it. Also, keep this thing in mind that social security administrations just replace the lost card 3 times in 12 months and 10 times in the entire life. It is your duty to keep your social security card safe and careful.  

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Tips & Tools

Before you apply for the application you will be an asked many questions. Make sure to keep your documents ready 
You can go online  to get the SS benefits in case of spouse disability and retirement 
You must be 62 years & 9 months older to apply for the SS benefits is the official website 
There are factors that can affect your SS benefits 
Make sure that you pay your SS taxes 

Contacting details of SSA

Today you can use your browser to avail every bit of knowledge regarding your social security application process. Below are the details of the SS administration contacting details. You can email them, use toll-free numbers to book an appointment, calculate your benefit amount using the calculator and much more.  
Online Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 5 AM - 1 AM ET
Saturday 5 AM - 11 PM ET
Sunday 8 AM - 11:30 PM ET
Federal Holidays - Same hours as the day of the week the holiday occurs

Toll-free numbers
Contact details 

Fax: (410) 965-9248

Postal mail:

Social Security Administration
Division of Administrative Payment Services 
PO Box 47
Baltimore, MD 21235-0047

Online you will also be able to locate an SS office nearby you where you can submit your application in person. You just have to fill your ZIP code to get an address from the nearby social security office. Within minutes you can go through it and find the details. 

Advice for the applicants 

The retirement age for receiving social security benefits is increased by the governments so it is important that you have knowledge about it or your application will be denied. Once you fill all the criteria you are in and now you just enjoy the benefits. Applying for the SS benefits can be a daunting task especially for the disabled and his family. This is the time when you must hire an SS disability lawyer to make you understand your rights, requirements and an expert assistance. Do not worry about the fee as they are going to charge you really less.
It is an intimidating process because SSD works differently. There is a work test required when SSA reviews the work history of the disabled person and makes sure he or she qualifies for the benefits or not. Here attorneys play a major role and you can easily find them online. Make sure you choose a lawyer with experience and expertise in the field or you will get stuck with another issue and this might delay your benefits.